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The most important advantage of using a turbocharger is an achievement of higher torque (increased power). It is possible by drawing in and then forcing compressed air.

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From the very beginning of its operations, it means since 1990 Danmar-Bis has also dealt with purchasing, selling and reconditioning air-condition compressors.

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About Us

We are a company operating in the automotive engineering market since 1990. We deal with purchasing, selling and reconditioning turbochargers for personal cars, trucks, agricultural tractors and construction equipment. The turbochargers are offered in two variants: brand new and professionally reconditioned. All the products are accompanied by a complete 24-month-long guarantee. Before the reconditioned turbochargers are allowed to be sold they undergo intense tests under load with the use of a professional diagnostic device.

If you do not live close to our company, we can offer you a quick shipment of the goods to your home via DPD courier service. That is how our equipment reaches the most distant Polish and European sites.

We are also proud to inform you that in 2008 our company expanded its activities by establishing a branch office in Czech Republic in the city of Pardubice, where we also deal with servicing the turbochargers.